Testimonials about Fred Lewis

Mike A. Innab, President of Martek Power


"I hired Fred Lewis at Martek Power and asked him to Fix Sales and set the company on a growth path. " 

"As the Director of Sales and Marketing, he undertook this task enthusiastically and always exhibited a positive attitude." 


"Fred proved to be very proficient at evaluating situations, designing strategies, and executing on those strategies to produce exceptional results."

Paul Kirmond, European Sales Manager at Martek


"I was privileged to be a member of Fred's team. He brought order where previously it had been lacking and forged a potent department from a group of individuals."

"Fred is an effective coach who knows how to get the best from his players."

Carol Pickford, Account Manager at HC Power


"Fred pulled the best out of his co-workers with his excitement over what could be possible, and gave organization and structure to our team.   

"He found ways to allow each of us to grow, constantly sharing his knowledge, and giving us the opportunities to try out what we had learned." 

"Fred"s strong moral character, dedication to his work environment, and general cheerful attitude make him a great person to work with."

Steven Girod, Executive VP at HC Power


"Fred Lewis successfully worked and consulted for many industries both nationally and internationally. 

He ably directed product development, sales and marketing including consultation to engineering and senior management during our ten years together at HC Power and Power One."

Lisa Rud, Inside Sales at Eaton / Martek


I" had the pleasure of working for Fred at both, Power-One and Martek Power. 

Fred is a natural leader, highly talented and a true professional. His ability to calm angry or frustrated customers is unparalleled, and it is because of his excellence in this area I repeatedly asked for his guidance throughout my career of twenty years."

Fred Kindgren, President of Newmar Inc.


"Fred's business acumen and broad base of industry contacts provides us perspectives and ideas not otherwise available to us in sales & marketing, mergers and acquisitions strategies, and personnel staffing searches. 

Fred's input has been instrumental in many areas of our company and we find him an extremely valuable outsource partner contributing to the success of our business."