I'm not a "Head Hunter"

- however -

I do have a proven track record of actually recruiting, hiring, and onboarding successful sales teams.


 Ask about my flat 10% rate.


Let's discuss your staffing needs and how I could help build your team

at a fraction of the typical recruiter's rate.

Right Fit

First, I will spend extra time with you to gain a full understanding of the company culture, management style, and needs within the organization.

Critical for matching the Right Person to your company.

Right Person

I look for and vet each candidate as if I were hiring them for one of my many teams built over the years.

I take into account your company's culture, size, and managerial style to match with the candidate.

The Goal

The goal is simple. Deliver personnel to your company that meets or exceed your expectations.

To develop a long-term business relationship earned through trust and integrity.

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