Your batteries are the heart and soul of your power system’s reliability. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on back up batteries and not concern yourself with a continuous monitoring & management system to assure the status of this valuable asset for your system?

You’re only kidding yourself if you think quarterly maintenance with hand held devices will assure reliability. It is like having the smoke detector in your house only turned on 4 nights per year. Would you even consider that? Have you ever seen a battery that went into thermal run away? Most of them are on quarterly maintenance plans. I’m just saying!

Taking the battery ohmic readings with a hand held device is not only dangerous for the service tech that is reaching into and across 480VDC, but the data is questionable! The accuracy of data collected by hand held devices is entirely dependent on a “trained” technician obtaining these readings properly every time out. During training sessions with technicians I’ve heard them admit to not putting the probes on the post but as near as possible and calling it a day. More times than not the readings are taken on the hardware because the post are too difficult to reach. Or too dangerous!

Remember that the key to trending the ohmic value of a battery is to retrieve consistent accurate readings. The only true way to assure this accuracy is to collect the data with a permanently installed device 24/7 and manage this data with a software system to alert you of any issues at the time of the issue not three months later.

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