over 30 years experience with critical power

services offered

DC Power Consulting

Some applications are:

  • Telecom
  • DataComm/UPS
  • Utility controls

Batteries for Backup Power

  • Sizing & selection of correct battery technology for your application
  • Battery testing 
  • Battery monitoring systems

Redundancy Evaluations

  • Do you really have N+1 redundancy? 
  • Do you want six 9’s of reliability?

Application Engineering

  • The right product for the application
  • Product & Services selection advice
  • Help with Supplier Negotiations

Manufacturer’s & Service Companies

  • Is there a market for your product? 
  • Evaluation of your product or service prior to investing in development.
  • Sales team selection and training

3rd Party Review

  • Are your contractors doing what you pay them to do?
  • Review of maintenance practices against standards
  • 3rd Party service audits

Consultant bio

Over 30 years of technical and executive leadership experience

Fred Lewis is a consultant with over 30 years of experience in the critical power industry where he excelled both technically and as an executive leading sales teams to exponential growth.

Summary of Experience

  • Electrical operator of the Nuclear Power plant on a fast attack submarine. 

  • Instructor at the Navel Reactor Facilities near Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

  • Application & Sales Engineer for a C&D Battery rep in Texas & California

  • Director of Sales for a Fuel cell Startup company

  • VP of Sales & Marketing for three different manufacturers of power conversion produsts used in Military, Telecom, and Datacenter applications

  • International VP of Sales & Service for a Battery monitoring company

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