Building a Lasting Business Relationship

Have we lost touch with the core values of building a relationship of trust and integrity with people in business? The ability to communicate is a treasured and a critical skill with friends and family or between co-workers or in business dealings. Can you really do that electronically through email and texting?

Some organizations still operate on the principle of “let’s persuade them to buy our products.” Some sales techniques are considered tricky and deceitful as opposed to discovering what the prospect needs and finding a solution. Too many sales teams are asked to just run through the numbers and hope something good will happen. Red ball, Green ball theory or throw enough mud against the wall and some will stick. Don’t get me wrong I believe you need to work the numbers but you need to do it with a different goal in mind.

Businesses that grow steadily and minimize the roller-coaster dips will adopt the strategy of building lasting business relationships with their clients. In this approach, you’re not making a new sale every time but providing a true service to your customer by solving their problems and selling solutions. This is your residual and will help you build your business.

To build a relationship one must have conversations and many of them to build trust. Once the trust is built you must have and exhibit integrity.

This process cannot happen with the communications traps some of us fall into. You cannot develop a relationship with trust and integrity over an email or text message.

With several communications tools at our fingertips, many of us seem to forget what it means to have a real, meaningful conversation with another person. A verbal conversation where you can listen and learn, where your tone and demeanor will reflect your sincere interest and understanding in the other person and their needs. Better yet, hold a face to face meeting and there is more communication visually than verbally.

I understand the usefulness of email and a text messages but way too many of us utilize those tools as the primary means of reaching out to prospects and customers. There are so many times when a simple phone conversation would be a more precise method of two way communications real time. All too often we tend to take short cuts or the easy way out. Not because it’s the best way to communicate but we are lazy, or afraid, or both.

I fear that some of us have become incapable of real communication. How many times have you heard someone say, “I sent an email but they haven’t replied yet.” It would drive me crazy to get that from one of my team members. I would push the phone toward them and ask, “Do you know how to use this device?” I recently explained “sneaker mail” to a group regarding internal company email. They had never heard of it, so I explained that you get up from you seat and walk over to the other person and have a two-way discussion. What a novel concept!

Please excuse me if I’m bit sarcastic but I think you get the point. Who knows, maybe some of the “millennials” can benefit from the above conversation.

I would love to hear from you with your thoughts and experiences regarding this topic. Maybe you can share some ideas of how you handle these issues. Heck, you might even want to pick up a phone and give me a call for a short chat. We can talk.