Increased Sales with multiple companies

-   $2M to $12M with a value added reseller

-   $10M to $58M with a privately held power supply manufacturer

-   $35M to $60M leading domestic and international sales teams

Helping Businesses & People grow

As the VP of Sales for various businesses I have lead multiple companies to accelerated revenue growth. I now provide Sales & Management Consulting services focusing on small to mid-sized businesses.

One of my most satisfying strengths is guiding and coaching people to recognize and utilize their unique talents. It is through this type of leadership and coaching that I achieved success in growing revenue. It is all about the development of people.

Education & Experience

I successfully completed the Navy's grueling Nuclear Power School and then served aboard a fast attack nuclear submarine for three years. After this tour I was transferred to the Navy's Nuclear Power Training unit at Idaho National Laboratory where I taught officers and enlisted students the theory and operation of a nuclear power plant.

Believe it or not my first sales job was selling waterless cookware while I was still teaching in Idaho. After all selling is teaching and communicating with people. I became quite good and was the top sales person in the region.

I then enter the civilian world as a QC/QA Electrical Engineer at San Onofre nuclear and then South Texas Nuclear. In the evenings I attended classes at University of Houston studying marketing. Commercial Nuclear power was going nowhere so I changed my career path and took a job selling industrial batteries and distribution equipment with a C&D Battery rep firm in Texas then one in Southern California.

I advanced to Director of Sales & Service and then on to VP of Sales & Marketing. I focused on developing people. Training, Coaching and mentoring them to grow professionally. The teams I assembled led us into new markets and accelerated revenue growth.



I'm a proud Navy Submarine Veteran.

While serving aboard the Fast Attack Submarine, USS Greenling SSN614, I earned my (dolphins) submarine qualification and participated in several deployments including special ops.


“Fred Lewis successfully completed the rigorous professional requirements for qualification in submarines, having gained a thorough knowledge of submarine construction and operation, having demonstrated his reliability under stress, and having my full confidence and trust."  Written by W. T. Johnson, Commanding Officer USS Greenling (SSN614)