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Helping People & Businesses Grow with training workshops


Business relationship training & Workshops

Professional Relationship Builder


The success of your business hinges on sales. 

Sales is driven by well trained professional "Relationship Builders".

Not High pressure sales people.

Training Workshops to Hone Your Skills


Training workshops with coaching from a consultant with years of experience and a proven track record. 

This is not the same old sales training!

Workshops are made up of practice sessions that will provide your team a safe place to hone their skills. 

Do NOT practice on valuable customers or leads.

Business Growth by Helping People Grow


I believe that the key ingredient to growing your business is by developing your people.

Your company is only as good as the people representing you. They are the face of the company.

How does your company really look?

Build a winning team


The Process

The process starts with self-discovery. Attainment of a better understanding of your unique strengths, difficulties, preconceptions, preferences, and disposition. 

This knowledge will then be translated into a training plan in conjunction with a coaching strategy to put the knowledge into practice. 

The same principle applies to both individuals and businesses. I focus on helping individuals and small to mid-sized companies. 


Why Workshops?

Business grows through the building of trust and relationships with customers.  

This requires mastering skills and techniques for listening and effective communication. 

One cannot gain this knowledge or skills from just reading a book or listening to a tape or attending a seminar. 

Just like in sports or any other profession, you get better by doing, and you do this through hours of practice. The practice we will provide is in the form of workshops.