Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Sales numbers are flat or declining
  • The sales forecast is a guess
  • The sales funnel is not being worked
  • The department structure isn't working
  • The CRM not utilized properly
  • The sales strategy doesn't align with business objectives
  • The sales manager may need coaching and training
  • You have an underperforming sales team
  • You are concerned about customer perception
  • You're not sure what you don't know


What you will get

  • A highly driven, performance focused sales leader with over 30 years of success building exceptional sales organizations
  • A track record of exceeding quotas and achieving growth
  • A versatile technical strategist
  • Coaching and training for your team
  • Better customer service concepts
  • Improved and repeatable processes
  • Forecasting that can be used by the business
  • Domestic and international sales experience in a cross-cultural environment