Outsourced Interim Sales Management

You know you need professional sales management but you also realize that hiring a proven professional will cost way more per salesperson than your business should spend.

There is significant cost to under-managed or unmanaged sales

You think the only choices are:

Hire a proven Sales VP at an excessive managing cost per salesperson

Promote your best performing salesperson and risk losing out on their revenue generation only to learn that most top sales people are not good managers and don't have those skills.

Do it yourself and realize that it distracts from your focus of running the business.

No management - Believe it or not some businesses let sales run without direction.

Another option and trend for Proven Sales Management 

Interim Sales Management is being engaged on a regular basis by many of the same firms that have traditionally treated those roles as full time employment. Now, they are finding that using consultant talent gives them greater flexibility, competitive insight, and the ability to respond rapidly to dynamic changes.

Contract with Lewis Consulting Group for Interim Sales Management at a fraction of the cost

Gain the high-level knowledge your team needs without the heavy overhead.

An experienced senior manger who checks on sales activities, monitors the sales funnel and holds the team accountable.

You will have access to a consultant who sets the strategy and teaches the techniques to grow the business.

You will be leveraging over 25 years of proven experience to drastically improve performance. 

Delegate with confidence, to a trustworthy expert, the management of your sales department freeing you to focus on the business direction.