Have you been lying to yourself ?

A company’s reputation and success is based upon establishing trust and credibility. As a business owner or hiring manager, you want professionals who will represent your company imparting trust and confidence in your clients. After all, the sales team is the face of your company. Have you been lying to yourself about your team’s face?

When building your professional sales team start by asking yourself, “will this person represent the image your company wants?” This applies to new candidates being interviewed or existing team members. All too often the existing team members are given a pass and not held to the same standards and expectations. One of the most difficult tasks for a manager is to make a change, even when it is desperately needed. I could write an entire chapter on this topic and will in a book to come soon.

Your sales team can differentiate you from the competition. The question is will it be in an adverse or a positive impression? Putting forth a strong professional sales team sends a message of commitment, not only to your products and company’s success, but to your clients. This message is also seen by your competitors and can often attract some of their talent.

Hence, back to the original question.  Can you honestly say you are pleased with the face your company portrays in the market? If so congratulations. If not, then we should talk. Call or email to schedule a convenient time to discuss the options in more detail.

Thanks for reading.