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Thermal Runaway Battery

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Businesses today are technology dependent.

Power is critical, and the loss of power for even a short time will disrupt their business.

This can be disastrous financially to a company and even more is at stake with organizations like public utilities, hospitals or airports: In these applications loss of power can be life-threatening! There is no margin for failure in such instances. 

As a Navy Nuclear submarine power plant operator and electrician, followed by 30 years of backup power experience in telecom, data center, utility and emergency services applications, I truly do understand the importance of reliability and mission critical. 

Telecom, Datacenter, UPS, Utility or emergency services backup power systems

I understand the importance of reliability along with the need for alternative and renewable energy solutions.

Call and perhaps I can bring a fresh perspective to you regarding your system reliability concerns and can be a valued partner.

From power electronics to battery backup systems, I have the experience and knowledge to provide consulting services and training for your operation.



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