As a sales consultant, I focus on helping small to mid-size companies on a growth path in an ever-changing market landscape. I can do this by addressing specific issues or as an outsourced interim sales manager.

One of my strengths and most satisfying traits is guiding individuals to recognize their unique talents. I find that training and coaching people to build trust and integrity with clients and co-workers will result in a successful team of professionals. This is the team you want representing your company, imparting confidence to your clients.

I’m also a consultant for Critical Power backup systems – Over the past 25 years, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge with all aspects of battery and backup power used in Telecom, UPS, Datacenter, and Utilities. I’ve worked with all types of battery systems and controls as well as power conversion products including alternative energy solutions.

I truly understand the importance of reliability!

Thanks for visiting my website. I would enjoy talking with you soon.

Best Regards,

Fred W Lewis


I'm a proud Navy Submarine Veteran. I graduated from the Navy’s Electrical and Nuclear Power schools qualifying as a reactor operator on several Nuclear power plants. While serving aboard the Fast Attack Submarine, USS Greenling SSN614, I earned my (dolphins) submarine qualification and participated in several deployment special ops. I then served as an instructor for three years at the Navy’s Nuclear Power School in Idaho teaching electrical theory, operation, and maintenance of a Nuclear Power plant.

“Fred Lewis successfully completed the rigorous professional requirements for qualification in submarines, having gained a thorough knowledge of submarine construction and operation, having demonstrated his reliability under stress, and having my full confidence and trust."  Written by W. T. Johnson, Commanding Officer USS Greenling (SSN614)