About my background

Helping Businesses & People grow

As the VP of Sales for various businesses over the past 25 years, I have lead multiple companies to accelerated revenue growth. I now provide Sales Consulting service focused on small to mid-sized businesses.

One of my strengths and most satisfying traits is guiding and coaching people to recognize and utilize their unique talents. It is through this type of leadership and coaching that I achieved success as a sales leader. It is about the people.

Education & Experience

I successfully completed the Navy's grueling Nuclear Power School and then served aboard a fast attack nuclear submarine for three years. After this tour I was transferred to Naval Nuclear Power Training unit at Idaho National Laboratory where I taught for three years.

Believe it or not my first sales job was selling waterless cookware while I was still teaching in Idaho. After all selling is teaching and communicating with people. I became quite good and was the top sales person in three states.

I then enter the civilian world as a QC/QA Engineer at San Onofre nuclear and then South Texas Nuclear. In the evenings I attended classes at University of Houston studying marketing. Commercial Nuclear power was going nowhere so I took a job selling industrial batteries and distribution equipment with a C&D Battery rep firm.

I advanced to Director of Sales & Service and then on to VP of Sales & Marketing. I focused on developing people. Training, Coaching and mentoring them to grow professionally. The teams I assembled led us into new markets and accelerated revenue growth.

Accelerated Revenue

$2M to $12M with a small value added reseller

$10M to $58M with a privately held manufacturer

$35M to $60M managing division sales of $100M a company



I'm a proud Navy Submarine Veteran.

While serving aboard the Fast Attack Submarine, USS Greenling SSN614, I earned my (dolphins) submarine qualification and participated in several deployments including special ops.


“Fred Lewis successfully completed the rigorous professional requirements for qualification in submarines, having gained a thorough knowledge of submarine construction and operation, having demonstrated his reliability under stress, and having my full confidence and trust."  Written by W. T. Johnson, Commanding Officer USS Greenling (SSN614)